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cardone 18-B4948

cardone 18-B4948cardone 18-B4948cardone 18-B4948cardone 18-B4948

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Supplied with Mounting Bracket, Installation Hardware Included
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Reman. Caliper w/Installation Hardware & Bracket, Reman. A-1 CARDONE Friction Choice Caliper w/Bracket

Front Left

Mounting bracket is included with this part number. During the assembly process, our operators verify that the bracket slides properly to ensure proper function., Pre-lubricated guide bolts on mounting bracket save installation time and prevent seizing., Every Friction Choice Caliper consistently includes all hardware needed to ensure quick, convenient installation, while offering you the choice to install your own preferred grade of pads., 100% pressure testing guarantees proper braking function on the vehicle., Friction Choice Calipers are offered with or without mounting bracket, so you can choose the configuration that best meets your needs., Copper washers are included for a perfect seal., Plastic cap plug in brake port line protects threads before installation., 100% SAE specific rubber seals ensure like-new performance., New bleeder screws provide trouble-free bleeding and a positive seal.
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2 058,00 Kč
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1 701,00 Kč

Kód produktu: CARDONE-18-b4948