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cardone 13-1737

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Buick Chevrolet Oldsmobile Pontiac
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Supplied w/Reservoir
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New CARDONE SELECT Master Cylinder
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CARDONE Select Engineered (CSE) Technology ensures that all master cylinders meet or exceed O.E. form, fit and function., Life-cycle testing ensures that every master cylinder exceeds S.A.E. stroke requirements., All cylinder bores are micro-finished to precise specifications to dramatically reduce wear and promote long service life., Seals are temperature-cycled from -30, EPDM seals and O-rings meet O.E. quality standards to ensure reliable, leak-free performance., Rubber components are tested to comply with stringent S.A.E. specifications., Castings are protected by an anodized coating that resists corrosion and pitting., Aluminum castings are designed to precision tolerances to ensure like-new performance., Mounting components are included with every model for easy installation.
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4 248,00 Kč
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3 511,00 Kč

Kód produktu: CARDONE-13-1737