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cardone 10-1873

cardone 10-1873cardone 10-1873cardone 10-1873

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GMC Chevrolet Jeep
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Supplied w/Reservoir, GM Brake Codes are on the "Service Parts Identification" sticker.
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Reman. A-1 CARDONE Master Cylinder

100% computer testing ensures guaranteed, consistent performance., 100% new OE-quality seals and cups are installed to prevent leakage and ensure like-new performance and reliability. All rubber meets S.A.E. specifications., Cast iron master cylinders come with premium protective coating to minimize rust, extending on-car and on-shelf life., Piston assemblies are 100% height-gauged to meet or exceed O.E. performance., Bores meet critical microfinish specifications to eliminate pitting and corrosion, which could cause premature failure., Plastic reservoirs are 100% vacuum-tested to ensure proper function., Bleeding tubes are supplied with applicable applications to make the bleeding process faster and easier.
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835,00 Kč
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690,00 Kč

Kód produktu: CARDONE-10-1873